Case Studies

Camp Ramah in New England – Palmer, MA

For many years, our firm has been performing surveying and engineering services for Camp Ramah. Within the last 15 years we have been the survey subconsultant for the preparation of base mapping of site that included over 100 acres of land and over one mile of roadway for a sewer improvement project which also included preparation of a perimeter property line survey of over 100 acres of property. Sherman & Frydryk, LLC has also conducted civil engineering services on various projects including the sports center, amphitheater, guest house, library and new cabins. These projects included Town submissions for Site Plan Approval, Special Permits, Stormwater Management Permits and Wetland filings. Most recently, we have performed work associated with the FEMA Flood Insurance Program for completion of an Elevation Certificate for one building and preparation of a Request for Letter of Map Amendment on another parcel.

UMass Health Systems, Wing Memorial Hospital – Palmer, MA

Our firm has been involved with many aspects of the development of the Wing Memorial Hospital site dating back to the original perimeter property line survey prepared for the site. More recently we have prepared an Existing Conditions Plan for the site and have kept this plan updated through As Built Surveys of various site improvements completed. Our work has also included preparation of site plans for a proposed building addition including layout, and utility plans, stormwater management, site details and prepared construction specifications. Projects also included preparation of a Notice of Intent for submission to Palmer Conservation Commission and Site Plan Approval from the Palmer Planning Board.

City of Chicopee Sewer Separation Projects – Chicopee, MA

Existing Conditions Field Survey and Acquisition/Easement Plans

As the survey subconsultant on these projects, our work to date has included conducting a horizontal and vertical control survey for over 30 miles of roadway. Tasks included collecting existing grade information on centerline of roadway, utility rim and invert grades and sill elevations on structures within the project area. Projects have also included property research and reconnaissance, field work, computations and drafting for preparation of property line plans relating to property acquisitions, permanent utility easements and temporary construction easements for close to 100 different properties.

Breton Estates Inc./R. B Enterprises

Our work has included a wide variety of projects for this client which has included many of the land surveying and civil engineering activities that our firm performs. Projects have included individual lot surveys, design and permitting for a 36 unit condominium development, design and permitting for a large scale earth removal project and design and permitting for a multi-phase 40 lot residential subdivision which also included preparation of Street Acceptance and As Built Plans. These projects are an example of the type of projects we can complete that include many land surveying and civil engineering activities starting with property line surveys and existing conditions plans and continuing with planning and layout of conceptual plans, site plan/subdivision design services, percolation tests/soil evaluations, Title 5/septic system designs, stormwater management design and permitting, wetlands permitting, town/city approvals and construction layout.